Premiere: A1 – Sweely – Beast In My Bass [ATWT009]

Few artists pack in the sheer amount of energy into their tracks as much as Sweely does. His style varies between bombastic full pelt house, bass-heavy breaks and pretty much anything designed to get a healthy rise out of a dancefloor.

Another great thing about Sweely and the tracks he releases is that there is little difference between his records or seeing him perform live. Again, it’s all about that energy and French outfit Automatic Writing just couldn’t wait to have him back on their books.

The title of A1 banger ‘Beast In My Bass’ does exactly what it says on the tin. The beastly bass line rips right into the track from the very start, not bobbing and weaving about the punchy claps the bassline is a monster. The arrangement prowess on this track is something else and there is no doubt in our minds that Sweely will blow apart any dancefloor he drops this on during one of his infamous live sets. The vibe on this cut is unreal from start to finish and bristles with equal measures of sublime creativity as it does sheer muscle.

The other tracks are somewhat subdued compared to the riotous grooves on A1. ‘Daylight’ still bangs tho and yet again there are some downright screwface sonic elements at play here that on their own might not appeal but patched together form a cohesive yet playful groove.

‘She Gave Me The Funk’ follows a similar route to A1 with regards to the walking bassline stomping all around the track. Filters and vocoders work in tandem to extract the most amount of vibe possible. Closing is probably the most straight-up house track and ‘Accepted’ perfectly demonstrates Sweely’s ability to switch between peak time bombs and more musical and blissful moods at will. Essential Sweely and again another top-notch music from Automatic Writing, a label that is most definitely on a hot streak.

You can buy the record directly from the Automatic Writing Bandcamp page.

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