Premiere: B2 – Thomas Roland & Tarek Charbonnier – Music Story [BARWAX003]

It seemed like a natural progression when French music collective BienAimer Music launched their own record label at the start of this year. The London based party starters have become known in and around the capital for their creative event concepts. Often collaborating with the likes of Into The Woods and Paravibe.

A keen eye for adventure and an appetite to explore has seen the team take over warehouses, forests, boats, and pizza bars. Although the events may have had to take a back seat of late, the record label has been doing the business.

Four months since we premiered the Nacho Bolognani remix of Tom Akman’s ‘Nowadays’, BienAimer return with a limited edition VA. ‘Da East Various’ features four club-ready beats, each offering a different flavour. This time, we take ‘Music Story’, a joint production between Thomas Roland & Tarek Charbonnier.

A shimmering synth line sets the tone, bolstered by a deep bassline with a steady groove. Warm pads dance merry melodies, in contrast to the dark undertones drifting along underneath. A news piece about the rave is tastefully manipulated, offering a tongue-in-cheek outlook on the outside perception of the party. Expect to revel on the dance floor in this sweet depiction of the tale.

As the melodies condense and loop, the energy builds. ‘Music Story’ has all the qualities to deliver deep into the warmup at one of the warehouses alluded to in its speech. The constants keep the level bubbling from start to finish.

The record is due out soon. If the first two releases are anything to go by, it will sell out.

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