Premiere: A1 – Agustin Alvarez – Standby [BAR004]

Carving out space in the music industry is not an easy task especially when that space is based in London. Through BienAimer Music’s hotly subscribed events and now their eagerly awaited vinyl-only label releases they are now hitting a finely cultivated and well deserved sweet spot.

These efforts are not going unnoticed by the world’s top artists and support to date has come from the likes of Raresh, tINI, Loren Lo Sung, Miroloja, Traumer, Jef K, Cinthie, Voigtmann, Felipe Venegas, Franco Cinelli, Annie Errez, Halo, Chklte, Dudley Strangeways, Burnski and of course ourself as we delivered the exclusive first listen of BARWAX003. Stepping up for the 4th edition is Argentinian Agustin Alvarez and his ‘Reflection’ EP covers impressive ground through his two original cuts. Adding extra weight to the release is a remix apiece from London bad man Frazer Campbell and studio hotshot TIJN.

A1 track ‘Standby’ leads out the release with excellent repeating pads and a heavy-hitting bassline. Following closely is slowly opening synths that perfectly knit the Detroit-esque vibe together. This tip is completed nicely with synth stabs and subtle strings while the culmination of the suspenseful breakdown returns ‘Standby’ to the business of destroying dancefloors.

Completing side A is title track ‘Reflection’ and Alvarez dives a little deeper with a deeply plumbed bassline and gently evolving pad. Flipping over to side B Frazer Campbell takes control of ‘Standby’ and quickly sets about upping the energy levels and transporting the track to outer space. Finishing off the release in style TIJN applies lush breakbeats to ‘Reflection’ to form a 90’s tinged bomb.

While the world waits for raving to get back to normality this and previous releases from BienAimer Records will give a hint at the caliber of music that awaits at the parties that this crew has become renowned for.

Agustin Alvarez’s ‘Reflection’s’ EP on BienAimer Records will be available shortly.

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