Premiere: B2 – Priku – Luna (Lizz remix) [Introspections01]

When it comes to Priku, we are used to mellifluous and rich sounds. Never hesitant yet restless the musical worthy Adrian Niculae has come up with another stagger featuring Dinu.

Priku is known for being amongst the sonorous and melodic founders of the Romanian electronic scene. Nonchalant and laid-back Priku can carry on ad libitum for hours captivating his public where you can find yourself lost in a spellbinding forest. He is omnipresent on Sunwaves‘ stages, Romanian clubs but can be heard on worldwide scenes with a coveted attendance.

With impressive releases for [a:rpia:r], fabric, and Concrete Music, Adrian created his own label Atipic emancipating it with a series of music events since 2016.

Dinu Cretu with his alias Dinu is the new fresh face of Atipic. With such a crisp and innovative sound, Dinu is a master of (live) producing, collaborating with Priku since November 2018 he had his debut in 2019 at Casino Sinaia with Atipic Live.

We can clearly admit that Dinu is an exemplary musician with polished musical knowledge. In his harmonious excursion he admits that while everybody was playing the piano he was absorbed in synthesizers. Now he is fulfilling his dream by manifesting his experiences and frame of mind while creating music.

‘Luna’ – their new creation is an experimental sound, an interesting musical journey accompanied by the majestic piano is now available on 180g vinyl only, released by the label Introspections, part of the Half is Enough project, which can be purchased here

As the name given (Luna = moon), paints an image eardrum of a selenar scenery.

In addition, this dulcet creation comes with reinterpretations by Sublee and LIZZ, each giving a different approach: Petre Vali also known as LIZZ is a young DJ and producer originated from Buzau is essential on the Sunwaves and Mioritmic stage. Lizz comes with master skills whose perspective built another side of the release, combined with the intimate piano. His effort led to a progressive dub version of Priku and Dinu’s Luna.

Therefore, this allows us to assume that this fresh release by Introspections is equally a surprise and constant judging by its producers.

Words by Sarah Okolisan

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