Premiere: A1 – Seizun – Bare Maximum (Lizz Remix) [TTRR001]

Having steadily grown to become a major player in the London underground, Seizun are a new collaborative project from the minds of and Benjamin Joseph and they are set to bloom much further with the launch of their Taste The Rainbow Records imprint. With a clear remit to present original tracks as well as remixes from rising stars and admired names with an undoubtedly fire track record. As well as there being two original tracks from Seizun, they will also be joined by guest remixers Kearun and Lizz.

For our pick of the EP we take aim at the Lizz remix of “Bare Maximum” and where the original from Seizun is a more brooding minimal groover the Romanian artist injects just the right amount of energy to his version. With a feel that harks back to the glory days of filter house, the punchy beats and sparing use of the original vocal adds more space between the musical elements and in doing so turns out a real weapon of a track and great addition to the release. As with most great remixes they are only as good as the original source material and sound effects and moods created by Seizun are second to none. 

Flipping over and the first track on side B is again dedicated to the remix and “Battery Gate” gets the treatment from rising star Kearun. Having become a staple for London’s finest minimal parties, he reworks the original version from Seizun from a lush, proggy banger into an introspective minimal burner. Where the original uses optimistic atmospheres, pumped kicks, and tight percussion, Kearun turns “Battery Gate” into a roomy, dubbed out monster. 

You can now pre-order TTRR001 from and Yoyaku.

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