XTD welcome Rhadoo back to FOLD for an extended journey

By its very nature minimal is often a stripped back affair and this goes for the direction of the music and the events themselves. The XTD series of events are just that. Stripped back to their fundamentals which is small, carefully chosen selection of artists, an unreal venue and an almost open ended run time.

There are few artists in this sphere that optimises this ethos than Romanian legend Rhadoo and he will be doing just that on Saturday, August 6th at London’s FOLD. His long form sets are revered by all that have bared witness to them as well as those that have not had the chance to catch them live. Melding a massive assortment of styles and genres into one cohesive performance is something that not many selectors can carry off but Rhadoo’s abilities to transport the listener to another time and place is not of this earth. This sort of event is tailor made for the Romanian’s skill set and given how well his extended set for the first XTD went his return should not be given a second thought for an 8 hour set this time around.

Supplying the all-important platform from which to propel the dancefloor is Stump resident Kearun. An artist that is ascending the ranks of not just the burgeoning London minimal scene but a breakout artist that we feel will shortly be outgrowing his title of resident and make his way upwards to join the likes of Rhadoo on a regular basis.

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