Premiere: B2 – A.G & Kompo – Spacetravel [VP003]

A.G & Kompo premiere record cover

The New Year begins with a welcome transportation to other realms courtesy of The Void Project. Born out of Belgium, the label, promoter and booking agent first made its name throwing parties in the capital Brussels. Right now, releasing music takes the priority. The latest EP features Alexandre Guisson, the brains behind the platform in collaboration as A.G & Kompo.

The pair team up to take on the B side, from which we have ‘Spacetravel’ on the premiere. It’s a no-nonsense way to close the record, a heavy hitter that comes dressed in niceties. The rapid, electro bassline offers a simple acid-tinged synth that becomes more rugged as the breaks build. But whilst energy explodes underneath, pleasant melodies dance on top.

As much as this is set to light the dance floor with its rough and ready foundation, the notions of intergalactic exploration are all too present. Thanks to mysterious floating chords and trippy, cosmic harmonies, the interstellar concept of the title is very much brought to life.

A.G & Kompo open their side of the record with ‘Transylvania Express’. Centred more specifically around groove, acid remains at the route while a deeper house flavour takes over.

Ilyes, who recently completed his 11 tracks, 11 legends series alongside Kizoku, takes charge of the A side, blending breaks, house and a dusting of garage. Driving rhythms dictate the force of ‘I Met A Cosmic Girl’ whilst chirpy melodies take the lead in ‘Axel And His Drunk Cat’.

The record is released today and can be bought at or Juno.

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