Premiere: 1 – LM – Diego Maradona [GR005]

The 11th and final release of mysterious label Guy Roux Records is out and pays tribute to our beloved Diego Maradona. As the dream team is now completely formed, the time has come to unveil the faces behind the project: Parisian duo ILyes and Kizoku.

Named after the famous soccer coach Guy Roux, the label released 11 tracks, each representing a mythical footballer. “After a long career in soccer as a coach, I’d like to present you with my dream team composed of 11 players. Each player will be represented by a track and it will be a free download.” said the bio.

It was announced since the first release in September 2019, “11 tracks, 11 legends” not much. And yes indeed, Ilyes and Kizoku just came to an end with 11 legends pieces. As the ten firsts were solo tracks, they collaborated for the final one, representing famous Argentinian Diego Maradona.

The duo delivers a bomb track of break house, honoring the theme by including background noises of supporters and commentators. The result is stunning, largely to the credit of the entire project.

ILyes and Kizoku came up with the idea of the project with the goal to be totally free by releasing their own productions. “Mastering and artworks are homemade, so it was quite easy to do it on our own.” said the duo.

For the football idea, it made sense as their first EP together on Mineral was already under the theme of football too. “And the idea of creating a team with each player a track allowed us to have an end to the project. We proposed it to Antoine of the youtube channel VNRD for the upload of the tracks and he validated it directly.” They decided to keep it anonymous until the end as the objective was to first conclude the project without having to think about who is the artist.

‘Diego Maradona’ from Guy Roux Records is now available from the label Bandcamp page.

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