Premiere: B1 – Root & Paul K – Tunnel Pit [SYM001]

Independent audio and visual minimal platform Symetric Sound is designed to showcase stimulating audio and visual contemporary art production. The collective is now ready to unveil its first vinyl record of the collection, maintaining the much-anticipated expectations.

After the success of their fundraiser live-stream in support of Lebanon back in December, where they hosted the likes of Andrey Pushkarev and Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons’ SIT project, Symetric Sound strikes into the wax business with a solid piece of work.

Already known for their minimal gems discovered and proposed via their channels, Symetric Sound has been shaping its profile and direction in a very distinctive way. Their main focus is the stripped-back micro-minimal with that darker twist which can often be found in the middle of a hypnotizing set by Mihigh, Zefzeed, Denis Kaznacheev, or G76.

For their first release, they invited on stage a fruitful collaboration between Tunisian talent Root and Romanian producer Paul K and the output is absolutely worthwhile. A1, ‘Societatea Iluziilor‘ set the tone for the release with a rolling beat accompanied by mechanical voices and a regular weird squeaking able to project the dancefloor into another dimension. The groove is infectious and the track is definitely the most versatile of the EP, perfect to be selected in the middle of a peak-time adventure.

For our premiere, sitting on the flip side, we can find ‘Tunnel Pit’. As the name suggests, this cut is a loopy minimal roller which is presenting fewer elements of its sister track of A1, but possibly intricated in a more complex and evolved way. Multiple overlaid soundscapes are interrupted by distant echoes, bleeps, and noises reminiscing of fantasy creatures, which all blended together to find their own unparallel coexistence.

The EP in its entirety is a refined piece of work, totally in line with what Symetric Sound ethos and musical selection they got us used to.

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