Premiere: A1 – Root & Ädn:an – Le Melancolique [FERTETT001]

New vinyl only label Fertettu readies their first release and it will feature a trio of tracks. Treading a more abstract and experimental minimal thread which is sure to strike a chord with fans of Romanian minimal. With the EP featuring a total of five artists there are joint productions from Root & Ädn:an, Dziri & Uivil, and Ädn:an makes another appearance alongside Denis Andreev.

We begin our look at this first release with A1 ‘Le Melancolique’ from Root & Adnan. Clicks and pops nicely fill in the gaps throughout the track but this track operates on so many differently tuned levels. Undecipherable mutterings and wonky detuned minor chords punctuate the track throughout. As well as the chords, there is also a subtle musicality to ‘Le Melancolique’ that gives some very interesting depth. As abstract as the soundscapes get at times there is an undeniable groove underpinning the whole track. With the run time of the track taking the whole of side A this is a twisted ride that will impress even the most discerning minimal head.

Flipping over to side B and Dziri & Uivil link up to produce something of a minimal daydream in ‘Noi Doi’. Repeating strings float through the track as if suspended in mid-air while distant metallic rattling’s offer an eerie aspect. Again, warped and effected vocals interject but only momentarily before the gnarled groove is reinserted.

While the previous two tracks have been fairly laidback and low slung ‘Babochka’ from Ädn:an and Denis Andreev ups the energy levels a bit. Flickers of drum rolls and rasping saxophone give an almost jazz like aspect to the final track of the EP. The drum programming here is fairly straight forward but instead the complexity is in balancing the various musical parts. Special mention also goes to one of the hardest working mastering engineers in the game right now Pheek who again sprinkles his magic on yet another fine release.

‘Premiere Chenille’ from Fertettu is available to pre order from

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