Tunisia’s Tèktox Records presents the final line-up for 320 Festival

Having been throwing parties since 2018 Tunisian crew Tèktox Records is more than ready to take the next step in their sonic journey. What started as a super intimate secret party has grown with every event and the result is a three-day event that while still retains those original secret party roots their new venture has most definitely leveled up.

Taking place in Monastir between 18th June to 20th June and Tèktox Records 320 Festival have assembled a formidable combination of established stars and local heroes. Dutchman Chris Stussy is joined by DJ Masda, Evan Baggs, Fabe, Gene On Earth, Traumer, and Youandewan and there are not many events that command that sort of firepower.

Events of this nature are built on the people that pour their effort into their local scene and Tunisia has a wealth of talent at its disposal. Between a range of events and crew’s local artists Ahmet Mecnun, Ala Djebali, Ali Boulares, Briki, Connivences, Dawan, Emine, Emir Fekih, Hamdi Ryder, Herthug, Ines Afs, Kachoukhi, Mood, Monet Mane, Mult, Pan-J, Rabii, Root, Saadoon, Tige and Zoux will be providing that local flavour across the weekend.

In order to retain the original vibe of their earlier events, Tèktox have elected to limit the capacity to 1,000. This is as much to do with vibe as it is adhering to guidelines set alongside their official event permission. With Tunisia, like many countries in today’s post-COVID-19 world steps are being taken to ensure that events like this are made a reality and with ‘health passports’ being implemented 320 Festival will ensure your safety as well as one hell of a time this June.

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