Premiere: B1 – Ertmi – Missing Three [SYM002]

Romanian producer Ertmi opens up the second release of Symetric Sound with ‘Save The Planet’ EP, a two-tracker piece including Paul K on the remix duty.

As Ertmi has been producing electronic music for a while now, and had time to explore different genres, he now releases an experimental piece with a strong micro-minimal imprint. “The weirder and the more unique sounds are, the more I am attracted by them,” he says.

On ‘Missing Three’, he is going through different phases and actions, as a raw repetitive drum beats is leading the track. Ertmi then mixes vocals with female noises, vibrations and other experiments. “After I have a clear idea of what I want, that’s when the experimental part comes, where there is a continuous play,” he says. “I don’t like to have limits in choosing sounds, as long as I enjoy adding them and I’m very happy with the resulting sound.” It all results in a very contemporary piece that would definitely get a crowd dancing.

Going past writer’s block and tough times helped the producer to get this EP delivered. “I went through a rough time, I almost had to give up the EP. But one day I woke up in a good mood for no reason,” he says. “I started working on my music and told myself I will actually do what I want, I will play, I will fool around. I will not care what anyone else think about the sound, the technique and the way I produce. There should be no such thing as ‘that’s the way to do it.’

Paul K, who put his imprint on the first release of the label together with Root, is back on the label record for the remix duty. The collaboration with Ertmi started spontaneously a few years ago, as Ertmi recalls it feels like they’ve been making music together for a lifetime. “He is the only person, at the moment, with whom I can make music while everything is running naturally: chemistry, ideas, techniques… This is partly due to the fact that, from the very beginning, I really liked his sound.

The EP is released on the independent minimal audio and visual art production Symetric Sound, that has now launched its vinyl only label. They ended up having Ertmi in house for the production duty after having promoted him on their platform, and creating close relationships.

The record is available on the usual digging and selling platforms, and very probably in your local record shop!

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