Premiere: B1 – Lizz – Electrocity [RWX014]

Romanian artist Lizz has nestled quite nicely into the patchwork of talented artists that make up the soundscape of Rominmal. His work has cropped up on some of the best labels including Sleep Is Commercial, Eastenderz, acme and most recently Atipic. For Lizz’s first vinyl release of the year he has hooked up with Robert Drewek’s taste-making Rawax imprint. AS you might expect the results are essential.

We pick up the ‘Dromes’ EP with B1 bomb ‘Electrocity’. There is no lead in to the impeccable groove from Lizz and that just how we like it. The low-slung bassline undulates and pulses underneath the drums while the loosened hats dance around above. This wild movement of the hats gives the rest of the track an insane amount of swing. The other elements follow the swinging hats around when the stuttering vocals, glitched out synths and main bassline appear the track really takes off. As with all great tracks with each listen reveals more and more layers and an appreciation for them forms. Not to say that this track wasn’t great on first listen but every time reveals more and more goodness.

Looping back to A1 title track ‘Dromes’ and we find Lizz in after-hours mode. In a similar vein to ‘Electrocity’ the sound palette is recognisable but totally decontextualized in a much deeper style. There is no big upfront basslines or rattling percussion but does offer up a totally different vibe from B1. With Lizz rolling out his own productions via his own Bandcamp page make sure you check you are quick if you want to grab this Rawax EP as demand is high and as always the run is limited.

You can buy the ‘Dromes’ EP from Lizz at

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