Premiere: B1 – Yate – Okno [RAWAX029]

I don’t think that it’s somehow possible to miss any of the Rawax labels family. Robert Drewek has been doing some kind of “mulenial” (I mean, iO (Mulen)-ial) work during all these years and his family of labels is, simply put, enormous. Years ago I tried to make a little guide on it with him, if you’re interested – take your Google Translate on tour with you here.

Of course, during these years it became home to a lot of artists from Ukraine. Now there will be a small addition to the bunch, since Rawax is welcoming a duo from Odesa, which you probably associate with their main electronic city spot – Port. I’m talking about Yate. The release had been planned long ago, but since there were a lot of pressing delays, it will only be released in Autumn. That also means, that it will be released after 24.02.2022, but I’ll mention that a little bit later.

Our today’s premiere is the B-side opener, called “Okno”. An energetic and dark piece of something on the edge between house and electro. Constantly progressive, never boring. Another b-sider here is “Rel Bend” – much faster and energetic from the beginning, but, in comparison with the B1, I wouldn’t say that it has some significant win. Just faster, with the same vibe.

The A-side is opening with a very laid-back “Smart”, a very dreamy track with almost symphonic vocodered vocals. Perfect for the opening of a set, or a record, yes. And on the A2 position we have “Native” – something in between with the calm vibes of A1 and that very energetic B-side. The transition was perfect, must say.

And that 24.02.2022 mention, I made above. I won’t be commenting on that, because is no need for any comments. I will simply say that “all income from this RAWAX029 will be donated to the volunteers’ organization in Odesa which is run by Yate’s close friends and Port teammates, who are running an organization that is helping people in need affected by the war on a daily basis, especially the elderly, people with disabilities, children and the less fortunate ones, providing them with food and essential goods to make it through these tough times for our country!”

It was a long wait, but very soon the record will finally drop. Don’t sleep on it on any good record store!

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This article was written in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the middle of the war with Russia right now. Would be great if you could donate to the biggest Ukrainian volunteer fund here. Also, you can pick any music initiative, that is also trying to help from our list here. We’ll be stronger together.

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