Premiere: A1 – Alex Pervukhin – Drugs [RAWAX019LTD]

It has been a long wait, but it seems that Alex Pervukhin will finally become a part of big DBH family in their “limited” series of Rawax label. The main track in this release, that we are talking about today, has already been played numerous times in his hometown, country, and all around the world at afterparties like this…

(warning – the following video may cause a severe hit of party nostalgia)

…and now you can finally buy it on wax. What started in 2019, will finish in 2021.

So,Drugs’ – the main hit on the self-titled EP is bringing back some old Laconica (Alex’s label) vibes. After a slight shift in his production, we don’t really hear stuff like that from him as much as we used to do. His sets and production are now leaning into breakbeat, 2-step, some trancey touches, and even grime (yes!) sides of house music. The typical post-minimal situation, right?

Here though, with that long talk in the middle, the properly built drop that almost always catches screams from the crowd, and Alex’s signature bassline drive on top, we can fly back a few years, when sounds like that would be considered as a certified banger in any moment of any type of a house set.

The other part of the EP – 2 minimal tools on A2 and B1 that could both perfectly connect more powerful tracks in your mix or draw a line of warm atmosphere at your morning afterparty. ‘How Deep’ or ‘Love At First Sight (Micro Q) – choose your weapon. And that beautiful percussion finish that is called ‘Drums Talk – if you neither want to light up another banger nor start one more minimal lullaby for your friends at your home tea party.

Alex himself will cut the long story short here: “Classic Chicago basslines and minimalistic arrangement – that’s what this EP is about. So many 90’s rhythms, MPC-swings and analog pads on it – that’s why for me it works in every slot”. You just have to pick that slot…

But, before picking the slot, don’t forget to pick the EP on Juno, Deejay, Decks, or any other store you choose after 25.01.

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