Premiere: A2 – Sasha Pervukhin – Your Unhappy Face [CARPET12]

After Sasha’s Pixel was added to Carpet & Snares umbrella he debuts on the main Carpet & Snares catalogue with four house tracks. All of them were recorded in Paris during some hard times for Sasha. But we here usually are interested in hard kicks and bangers more.

So, today’s “Your Unhappy Face” is one of the goofiest tracks I ever heard from Sasha/Alex. But don’t think about anything stupid, we’re talking about that goofiness that puts a smile on your face and makes the track recognizable long after the party. A bit disharmonic, and very pacey – nothing unhappy should be left on your face after listening to it.

The starting one, “Badboy In Paris” sets the tone for the whole record, blending house and some breaks with Alex’s, sorry, I mean Sasha’s signature percussion. “What Is Tekno (Grey Sky At Montmartre As Always Mix)” is a bit calmer, with some rainy day melancholia inside and spoken words inside – always a good thing for me. And even the chiller one – “Calm Before The Calm”, just enough to close the record or to start the afterparty.

You, probably, know that C&S records do not stay for a long time in the stores. So better aim to the pre-orders sections ASAP. Deejay or C&S shop has got you covered already here.

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