Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Dummy03.3 [DUMMY03]

The label Dummy under the Carpet And Snares distribution umbrella is ready with its third shot. As usual, it’s dropped under the “unknown” alias, so we can’t spill much about the artist(s?). What we can share is that these tracks have been through quite a journey from initial testing to final release, and as always, we’ve cherry-picked the best one.

It hits from the very first second. The blend of sweet basslines and killer hats will carry you through the full seven minutes. The screams in it will surely resonate with the dancefloor – I can recall at least two times when I got some screams back. Not gonna say too much about “Dummy03.3” – just gotta admit it’s been a favorite tool of mine for years.

Staying on the B-side. With some breaks, “Dummy03.4” delivers those, while also keeping it groovy on the house side. The first three tracks promised a Boo Williams vibe – I might slightly disagree with that, but I get what they were aiming for. Speaking of surprises, hearing “I wish I was a baller” amidst a tech-house groove feels like an and1 mixtape already. That was about “Dummy03.1”. And wrapping it up, “Dummy03.2” carries that spooky vibe of our main premiere today, yet it’s somewhat more subdued, at least in the beginning.

Mysterious tracks, mysterious artist, but the link is out in the open. You can find that record on Deejay or Carpet & Snares Records’ Bandcamp already.

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