Premiere: A2 – Under The Radar – Lift (Terence Terry Remix) [ZNGBRLTD011]

French label Zingiber Audio features the Portuguese trio Under The Radar on their eleventh vinyl release with Terence Terry’s beautifully crafted remix of ’Lift’.

Under The Radar is a Porto-based trio of producers, united by their shared desire to create the right sound at the right time. After developing their style for three years, they have decided to come to the surface in 2014, when they began releasing their work. Terence Terry, a well-established figure in the Parisian underground scene, is also taking part in this unique EP with his own take on ’Lift’ by bringing his own view to it, a blend between dark and airy vibes. ZNGBRLTD011 EP, a vinyl only release, brings four tracks alongside, each one telling its own story.

Starting with A1 – ‘Lift’, the storyline begins promisingly, with an adamant saxophone and energetic drums. Moving on to the next track – A2, the remix form Terence Terry starts with slow but precise kick drums, accompanied by spatial pads and playful kicks, gradually continuing with subtle snare drums and a whispering voice that gives it a layer of mystery. The mesmerizing female vocals capture our attention and the subtle saxophone flickers are a touch of eclecticism that grants the record an element of surprise. Ending with dreamy loops and giggling synths, A2 is without doubt a good ride worth listening to. There is a depth to it which makes it an ideal track to play in an intimate setting on a serene afternoon.

The story continues with B1 – Radar Works and B2 – Traits. Both having a dark housey atmosphere and exquisite energy, they are the gateway to a long dancing night. By playing the tracks one after another, you might feel like you’re flowing smoothly throughout all phases of the day, from a moody morning to a hectic evening.

The EP will be released on 24.02.23 and is now on pre-sale on

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