Premiere: 5 – Jedsa Soundorom – Masquerade feat Thomas Roland [ZNGBRLTDLP02]


Jedsa Soundorom’s debut album lands on Zingiber Audio.

The French artist has an extensive locker of experience in dance music, holding various residencies across the globe in the likes of Paris, London and New York.

Compiling his years of experience with the dance floor, eleven tracks explore various shades of sultry house fitting with the label’s hopeful identity. Zingiber Audio’s uplifting vibe has featured previously on the Trommel channels with Lose Endz’ open-air heater ‘Iron Island’.

The premiered ‘Masquerade’ featuring Thomas Roland targets the peak time dance floor with Soundorom’s voluptuous charm. A gritty, distorted kick drum ignites a fierce drive to the track, whilst managing to retain a smooth, sensual expression through a series of enticing melodies.

Flirty vocal blips flicker between a teasing sub-bass setting a seductive vibe in the opening minutes. A genuine feeling of passion seeps through in Soundorom’s music, with meticulously executed ideas narrating the Frenchman’s intimate relationship with dance music.

Gentle synth notes form over the mix with the same mischievous charm, caressing a layer of textures hidden low in the mix. Soundorom’s experience is evident in both the sound design and arrangement of the track. Elements unfold with a natural flow, dipping into subtle breakdowns and clever changes in drum patterns, playing with tension and release.

Whether it’s rocking dance floors around the world, hibernating in the studio or jamming out a soulful live stream, the Frenchman’s sheer love for music is evident in the entirety of his works.

Jedsa Soundorom’s debut album will shortly be available on both vinyl and digitally.

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