Premiere: A1 – T.Fitzgerald – Present Now [WAFTR001]

Collective We Are FTR are well versed in breaking new and exciting music via their social media channels and now they will be taking this one step farther. Founding member T.Fitzgerald is poised to drop his debut EP ‘A Formal Introduction’ and will feature 3 cuts of moody swaggering minimalism.

The pick of the release is A1 ‘Present Now’, the sultry heavily swung vibe is bolstered by the scattering hi-hats and pitched down vocals. There is a faintly menacing tone to the track but the paddy atmospherics that underpin the track keep it just on the right side of dark. The twilight synth tones edge this into dubby territory and all the better for it as the sparse arrangement and bubbling percussion allow each element its own breathing space. This is one of those tracks that you just don’t want to end and T.Fitzgerald has rightly given the whole of side A for the track to unravel over.

Taking the energy levels in a different direction is side B and first is ‘Transcendence’. The rocksteady breakbeats don’t waver too much in terms of programming but instead allow for the musicality of the track to shine through. Echoing synths and blooming pads allow the track to live up to the billing of the track name and really offer an ethereal listening experience.

This motif is explored further on ‘Helles’ where more complex beats and crisp percussion are introduced alongside waning synth washes and dreamy atmospherics. Given the support that the We Are FTR have shown the minimal world, we are sure that they will receive plenty of support in kind as a result of this stunning EP.

‘A Formal Introduction’ EP from T.Fitzgerald can now be pre-ordered via

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