Premiere: A2 – Haf – Shamooli [WAFTR002]

Haf - We Are FTR label art

We Are FTR are back with their second release. It’s been a year since the label launched with T.Fitzgerald‘s formal introduction to the sound. The next one to drop has been a while in the making and is welcoming Haf with his Foreign Dreams EP.

Haf can often be found at the controls of Brighton events Minimo and After Hour at The Tempest Inn. No stranger to the We Are FTR collective, this is a fruitful friendship that has taken a natural course. As the platform evolves, the sounds of nearest and dearest sit at centre focus. And for good reason too. The result on this one is a polite hand of tasteful minimal.

‘Shamooli’ takes the premiere today. Deep and punchy, it’s a stripped back piece of cool honing in on minimalistic territory. The soft chatter of a crowd initially keeps a settled vibe, bringing more attention to the rhythms as it gently fades away.

Such a low slung groove breathes etiquette into an otherwise warped expedition, characterised by bending synths and distorted vocal. The voyage depths deepen and as the eery notes of atmosphere settle coldly around bleeps and blips, the music might be mistaken for an extraterrestrial exchange.

A total of three tracks make up the EP. Opening up with ‘Paranoia’, a heavier and freakier track that pulsates a more full beat and relentless techno tendencies. ‘Urgull’ over on the B side is the softer of the bunch, relaxed and led by ambience under the direction of mellow percussion.

Buy the record from Juno or, due for releease on 21st January. Distributed by Memoria Music Group.

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