Premiere: A1 – Monsieur Georget – Le Charme du KO [SMR004]

French label Steppin Motion has from the very outset ensured that there is a very fine balance between certifiable artists with new and exciting ideas. Almost like an old skool meets nu skool mentality they return with another top release from an artist that has been around the block many times but still manages to come back with more fresh ideas. That is artist Monsieur Georget, perhaps a name that you might not be immediately familiar with you most definitely will know the man behind moniker – Chris Carrier.

The French artist is a house hold name in the techy side of deep house and his releases for the likes of Robsoul, Brique Rouge, and of course Chris’ own Adult Only imprint are some of the building blocks of the current sleek tech house sound coming from France. With his Monsieur Georget alias Chris is delving into more minimalistic and micro sounds and his ‘Le Charme Du KO’ EP is just that.

We pick up the release with title track and A1 garage banger ‘Le Charme du KO’. Defintely on a nu skool tip rather than 90’s London vibe but the upfront snare / clap keeps time will the insanely low sub bassline works its magic under the hood. The sweet chopping effect on the vocal helps to introduce those micro tendencies too which really works.

Moving deeper into micro territory is A2 ‘Ligne 2’ and the off-kilter bassline and opposing synthline tearup the rule book on keys to great effect. The detuned nature of the track is what really gives it its edge and the uneasy jangling will certainly grab the attention of the dancefloor.

Flipping over to B1 ‘Cirklon Colonialisme’ and this undoubtedly gives a nod to the hardware kit that Chris is so adept at using. If you head to his Bandcamp page you will find a 2015 live set where he is in control of a vast array of machines. Back to the music and Chris has setup a rather tastily distorted drum loop backed by some eerie synths stabs that envelope the track like a creepy blanket but showing just enough light to keep any floor locked. Released in the run up to Steppin Motion 4th birthday the release is their way of celebrating while the hope of proper events is at present not so far from reality.

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