Premiere: A1 – Losoul – Ghost Talk [SOL012]

Losoul steps up for the 12th release of Germany based Slices Of Life Records.

Curated by Berlin mainstay Barbara Priesinger, the label has been a pivotal part of the deep house movement since inception in 2009. Early releases comes from the likes of The Mole and Betke, as well as more recently Dana Ruh’s EP featured last year.

Driven by a passion for warm, emotive music, the imprint honours the expression of dance music and its power to ‘reflect on a period in the life of its producer’.

Losoul, aka Peter Kremeier feels the perfect contribution to the label roster. As a member of the prolific Playhouse imprint, his work began in the 90s with formative EPs such as ‘Don Disco De Super Bleep’ and the classic ‘Open Door’, presenting a new sound inspired by jazz, funk and soul.

These longer form, experimental works paved the way for a new approach to music production, to which Losoul has never stopped, now with countless EPs and four full length albums under his belt.

‘Ghost Talk’ is a wonderful insight into the playful, trippier tendencies of his works. Stretching out across 10 minutes, the German builds tension like no other; washing reversed vocals over a staggered beat that could loop for hours.

The low end is subtle, occasionally poking a bass stab between slinky hats and a muted snare, each packed with a peculiar, alluring character keeping you hooked throughout the 10-minute stretch.

Elements rarely drop from the mix, revealing Losoul’s decade spanning experience in constructing addictive grooves, from very little. Percussion lends itself towards a dry, simplistic palate, although is hung with enough swing and sleaze packing it with personality.

‘Idealist Jungle’ explores a deeper tip on the flip side. Dreamy pads linger over another stripped back, moreish groove rolling over a warm sub bass.

This strain of smart and spacious house music is often perfect for anytime on the dance floor. Whether it’s warming up the room, or hypnotising heads deep into the after-hours, Losoul’s efforts are a masterclass in subtlety.

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