Premiere: B2 – Alexander Skancke – Public Trouble [SOL13]

You should already be familiar with the name of Alexander Skancke at least from his works on his own Quirk label. Or, maybe, if you stumbled upon him at the Bikini Waxx record shop in Berlin. This time he became a part of another great roster – on Slices Of Life label, with Dana Ruh, Losoul, So Inagawa and many-many more other artists already being there. Let’s try to check how his sound adjusted to this (if so).

So, “Public Trouble” – the name of the track and the name of the whole release. Calm, stripped down banger (yes!) with that rolling Len Lewis-like rhythm paired with Alex’s almost signature spooky chords and some vocal samples in the background. That’s for the first part. But the main stuff in the track is starting after the 3 minutes. The structure is changing completely and at this moment this track ended up in my top-2 of his works, along with “What Happened?”.

The release starts with another “signature” one. “This Go This Way” sounds more like the stuff we’re used to hearing from Alex. Spooky vibes – checked, trippy murmuring – checked, cruising percussion – checked. Everything I like about him. “For the B1 track “Wind Sync” Alex teamed up with his label mates and renowned DJ- and producer-duo Foehn & Jerome at their studio in Berlin”, we are being told by the press release from the label. Here we have a very light minimal stomper, that could fit practically any other track with its laid back vibe and still interesting samples sprinkled all over these 6 minutes.

The release is going to be released very shortly, you can head to your bag at Juno, Deejay, Decks or any other store with the pre-order option. Don’t miss it!

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