Premiere: A1 – Alexander Skancke, Foehn & Jerome, Henriku – Machma [TBH001]

Trommel regulars, the crew of Alexander Skancke and Henriku gathered their colleagues from Quirk – Foehn & Jerome and became very close to something Voltron-like on the first release of the new label TBH. We can see the silhouette of a black horse on the artwork, so, you know about the name, I guess. After seeing the naming, I asked Alexander specifically – who’s making what on the record. The answer was “all tracks are made by all of us together”. I guess, we don’t see THAT big of a gathering too often, so, interesting…

As usual on other Alexander Skancke & crew records, every track on TBH001 is almost begging us to be played loud. So it was a very hard choice again. But we picked “Machma” and it is a blast. Groovy and straight percussions from the start, a great bassline coming a bit later and those cut vocal samples, that are taking you to some mid-90s garage house from some very deep underground. Still staying in 2023. Amazing, right?

“Houban” keeps the pace and the vibe from the previous track, but also takes us into some tribal territory. Some additional, I would say, trippy vocals continue weird sounds in the middle of the track. And then we’re going back to the start.

“Lio from its very first second promises us some romantic mood here and definitely doesn’t disappoint. Can easily imagine it on any Quirk record (but this is relatable to every track from this record, I must say). “Ponm”, the last one on the record, takes us back to the trip with that pace and deep atmosphere at the same time. I think, something is also going on in the background, but we can only hear some pieces and echoes, while concentrating on some more important things.

This one is a rare example of the record, you can already buy. So I won’t tell you anything, right? Juno, Deejay, Disco Piu, wherever. Go!

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