Premiere: B2 – Dana Ruh – To Convince [SOL11]

Dana Ruh’s place in house and techno has been cemented for some time now yet she insists on continuing to push herself and her art forwards at every turn. With her Brouqade label taking flight back in 2007 an impressive myriad of forward-thinking EP’s have followed on the likes of Cocoon, Ostgut Ton and Underground Quality to name but only a very few of the illustrious label to feature Dana. Special notice also needs to be paid to her record store KMA60 which is already a firm favorite in the minimal and micro community.

Next for the German artist is the 3 track ‘Still Vause’ EP on Slices of Life, having featured tracks from Cab Drivers, DJ Deep and Baaz in previous releases Dana is in top groove mode on all 3 tracks. A1 begins the EP the way in which it will continue throughout – funky and driving. Percussive elements feature throughout ‘My Friendly Fire’ as do repeated synth stabs to great effect. ‘Takes Time’ ups the ante on the percussion considerably, looping snares binds to intense strings that really dial it to 11.

‘To Convince’ on B2 is where this EP really hits its sweet spot, high percussion parts twinkle and shimmer just above the track giving it a nice floating vibe while below business is taken care of by the funkiest of basslines, the darkest of deep bass wiggles and some great vocal stutters. Breakbeats make another appearance and really help to pin the whole track together to form a slab of wax that will of course feature in all the right DJ sets around the minimal and techno spheres.

You can get your hands on the pre-sale at Kompakt.

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