Premiere: A1 – Lorenzo Fortino & Brody – Amarcord [CONNESSIONI2]

Italian label Connessioni continue to trace their hedonistic roots by way of another edition of hazy house music from founders Lorenzo Fortino and Brody. For their next EP “Da Qui Al Mare” and featuring 4 lovingly produced tracks that cover the deep dreamy side of house music that was and still is a staple of Italy.

Sitting atop this second release from Connessioni is the utterly uplifting “Amarcord” and the satisfying rounded bassline that sits just above the subtle padded kicks harks back to a much simpler time in house music. Swung hats and a punchy block percussion keep the groove progressing at a sultry pace while simple acidic synth and string pad stabs offer that acid house feel to a nicely reduced house groover that just gets better with each listen. Perfect for those hazy after hours moments.

The labels Italian House roots are further unveiled with the A2 bell laden deep mover “Sensazione” where evolving pads and strings work together to produce a shimmering dream that slowly reveals itself over the run of the track. Flipping over to side B and “Giacio” is a more uptempo workout but still retains those dreamy elements that made Italy one of the epicenters of the house movement back in the late 80’s and 90’s. Closing out the EP is the slow jam of “Da Qui Al Mare” where the combined vocal talents of Brody, Angela, and Lorenzo’s voices echo the sentiment that has been handed down through the decades and is at the root of both their artist and imprint output.

Make sure to grab the pre-order on the label’s Bandcamp.

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