Premiere: A1 – Jerelo – Apparently [JER004]

Jerelo continues a prolific streak of form in the next release on his own vinyl imprint.

The Kyiv based project has established a classy, reliable presence between their numerous imprints. Artreform have over 40 vinyl releases that have welcomed the likes of Priku, iO Mulen and label head Joss for countless tastemaking EPs.

After the launch of the label Jerelo, each release soon became a sought after item being played in a number of scenes and hiking in price on Discogs. The first two Unknown Artist EPs built a level of mysticism around the label, presenting pristine, stripped back cuts that come alive on a system.

The third release, the first crediting to Jerelo, featured on our channels back in 2020 with a dazzling deep house venture. Continuing his vision, he shapes the labels forth release with three considered cuts gasping for a dance floor. ‘Apparently’ opens the record with a stunning tech-house jam.

Moods remain in a familiar, blissful realm throughout the record, although this opener is the peak time pick. Slick percussion and a bouncy bassline set a laid-back vibe, whilst steadily building tension through neat synth work remnant of the trancey-house era heard frequently with the likes of Jane Fitz and Carl H.

The subtle sub bass gives the track a delightful bounce, patiently evolving with synth stabs fluttering between glacial chords at an effortless pace. It sounds as if the track was recorded in one take, occasionally slipping a hat or clap from the mix and building tension with immaculate precision.

Given it’s subtle yet up-for-it vibe, you can picture it being played across a variety of scenes and selectors. Eastern Europe’s precious dance floors would have no trouble getting down to this, just as much as a hefty festival stage. You can hear the experience and dedication in Jerelo’s work, testament to his prolific output across several labels.

‘Palmy’ opens the flip side with a lush synthy workout. Classic synths dance between a slick palate of garagey-leaning percussion with a similar timeless charm. Elements slot in and out with the most subtle charm, keeping a steady and intriguing vibe flowing, flirting between the fringes of house and techno.

The record closes up with an emotive cut featuring some sultry vocals glossing over a dreamy beat. Jazzy keys complement this intimate piece with an elegant touch, weaving a number of influences into this unique track.

Diversity runs throughout this EP, meandering through deeper shades of house and timeless grooves sure to receive top support across the circuits. Each track offers the opportunity for unique moments at various parts of the night, just as much as cosy home listening situations.

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