Premiere: B1 – Jerelo – Curiosity [JER003]

Having already delivered 2 solid slabs of peak time bombs Jerelo Records returns with the 3-track ‘Agile’ EP and more vinyl-only fire from label head Jerelo. The Eastern European label deals only on pin-point produced minimal groovers with a cosmic twist and first up is the B1 banger ‘Curiosity’.

Subtle toms add to straight forward drum programming in order to make room for the evolving pads and synth-heavy bassline. There is some great progression with the arrival of the blissful combination of Detroit stabs and strings which helps to dial up the urgency.

Completing side B is ‘Blooming’, in a similar vein to the previous track but playing much more on the musical side of the designed elements. Equally devastating in the middle of a day party or as the sun is coming up ‘Blooming’ is a quality piece of shimmering tech house.

In a slightly different direction from side B title track, ‘Agile’ utilises longer breakdowns, skipping percussion and more progressive-leaning synth chords. The full-sided track rounds out a nicely put together release from Jerelo and we are sure that there is more currently in the works.

The ‘Agile’ EP from Jerelo is out now and is available at

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