Premiere: A1 – Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas – Transition [INV020]

Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas - Invade record art

At the start of the year, we premiered from Andre Galluzzi and Daniel Stefanik’sBlue Fern’ EP. The three-tracker was primed by Invade Records and it was an all-round killer record. As a platform, Invade provides an outlet for the more driving sounds of minimal tech-house. And it is well received. Jakob Seidensticker & Boronas join forces for the latest release.

The pair have been releasing records together since 2017, including a string of tracks on Minibar, BodyParts, and Pleasure Zone. Jakob Seidensticker himself is well versed in the collaboration as one-third of Wareika and no stranger to producing with Boronas. Between, them, they have the sound down to a T and that is evident in both of their offerings on ‘Transition’ EP.

Minimalistic drums introduce the title track and move forward to drive through mechanical percussion. A simple chord sequence supplies a deep and warm melody throughout, keeping a solid backbone. The bassline plods along in a nonchalant fashion. Neither here nor there, yet at the same time offering some sense of direction.

As the percussive notes take hold, it’s hard not to be captured by the rhythm, tapping rapid through hi-hat, snare and ride. As higher-pitched synth notes caress the track’s centre, a feeling of calm infuses into the energy. Unexpectedly it seems, driving force and lazily felt highs combine as one to make something rather pleasant.

M.a, Dandy Jack, and Mathew Jonson step up for remix duties, bringing different flavours to be suitably explored. Buy the record from Juno or

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