Premiere: B1 – IZIL – Again [INV022]

IZIL, the collaborative project of Izaakson and Ilario Liburni is next up on the prolific Invade Records.

Since 2013, the label from Ilario Liburni has remained a tastemaking force within the stripped-back realms of club music. Pivotal releases from the likes of Abrax and Mystic Bill’s magic ‘Take Me Back’ had a mesmeric impact on what was being played at the time, particularly the memorable remix from Ricardo Villalobos. It wasn’t long before we premiered a rare remix from Rhadoo on Invade Records, as well as slick work from Jakok Seidensticker & Boronas in the label’s 20th output.

Ilario Liburni is comfortably sailing into over a decade of releasing music. As the founder of both labels Carindal and Invade, his tastes and productions have been a consistent presence in these circles.

Izaakson is equally present in shaping the electronic music landscape as a driving force behind Memoria Music Group. Since 2010, the business has been involved in a variety of sectors of the electronic music scene.

Combining the passion and knowledge behind this pair, the IZIL project is for sure one to watch. Marking the 22nd release of Invade, they shape three dynamic club cuts plus a breaky remix from Enzo Leep.

B1’s ‘Again’ is the peak-time pick featured in this premiere. Blurring the lines between genres, energies lean towards a pensive, intriguing mood expressed through neat percussion and progressive melodies.

It’s the sign of an intuitive jam between two producers with a strong understanding of one another. Elements float in and out of the mix without any abrupt interruption, as if it was captured in a flow-state moment only possible with the two of them present.

A brooding bassline caters for a tough, techno-leaning foundation whilst sultry vocals wash over the rhythms with a luscious charm. Percussions remain within a delicate sphere, allowing subtle delays to build a nimble, teasing pace that slowly lures towards an extended breakdown.

You can picture Ricardo stunning fabric’s Room One with this weapon just as comfortably as a huge festival stage. This strain of functional, tool-y dance music is a testament to the collective’s decade-spanning understanding of club culture and the impact these kinds of tracks can have in a set.

‘In My Collective Memory’ opens the record with a more tripped-out breakbeat vibe showcasing the depths of IZIL’s visions. Spanish producer Enzo Leep shapes an interesting sub-heavy remix on the A-side, weaving an ominous bassline between silky beats.

The versatility of this release is destined to tap into a widespan of selectors, attracting everyone from Raresh and Ricardo just as much as the likes of Ben UFO shelling huge clubs and festivals. Each track packs that gnarly punch that really comes to life on a good sound system.

‘Chinese Wall’ closes out this versatile EP with a luscious synth workout. Melodies veer towards a more wonky, detuned space whilst weightless pads cast a euphoric sunrise mood overhead.

It’s safe to say this versatile four-track release will be sure to hypnotise dance floors across a wild mix of environments.

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