Premiere: A1 – DiSKOP – Why You Leam? [WHITELOOPS19]

Mulen Records empire is hitting hard in 2021. Sweely already landed with sold-out on their main label, Vitess – one of the hottest musicians right now – is planned on vinyl-only Hoarder, minimal all-star of Priku, Livio & Roby, Sublee and Suolo is about to release on Winder Records, great compilations are in the making at Oldvibes and Hoary, VOY Records already shared its next previews… But tonight we’re going to talk about Mr. VOY (his name initials, in case, you didn’t know) himself and his upcoming chapter of Whiteloops series.

Whiteloops – iO (Mulen)’s label, designed to be a home for his edits, already has its own legacy. With bangers like “Acid Rain”, “Beaton”, “Future” or “Cutter” (especially this one) it played hundreds (if not thousands) of times on all possible venues that are great for music like that. Probably, there are more people, who know Whiteloops than Mulen Records right now (without knowing about any connections between them), since its signature blend of minimal and breakbeat spread inside the minimal scene maybe even more than classic minimal sounds nowadays.

19th edition of Whiteloops, half of what we’re having today, presents us that exact “signature” feel, we like this label most for. With one twist only – this one is leaning onto oldschool hip-hop/breakdance vibe more – as described by iO (Mulen) himself. ‘Why You Leam’ is kinda an ultimate example for that with its mood, it seems, being transported directly from a golden age of hip-hop (you can almost hear a basketball bouncing in the background).

‘Flight Advice’ continuing that mood on the B-side, being slightly aggressive, even with some rave piano chords, but still, they are hidden in the background, not showing up in the front. But don’t be tricked with the mood here – the bass section on both those tracks is still capable to make you dance. Not every track on Whiteloops is supposed to be “Cutter”, haha.


This one is going to be ready soon, so don’t miss it on Juno, Deejay, Decks, or wherever you buy your wax.

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