Premiere : A1 – Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg – Herzogen [HWSD016]

Famous HardWorkSoftDrink’s crew Cedric Dekowski and Felix Reifenberg is back. ‘Dedicated to Uwe EP comes to feature their own productions as a duo. Smooth enough for people dancing at home, fast enough for upcoming parties. « We make music for dancefloors, so we make music for the future right now. »

Herzogenopens up the sixteenth EP of the label as a meditative moment. As the breakbeat rhythm gives the tone, an electronic piano sound comes to show us the way for the melody. With its new school touch, the track perfectly illustrates HardWorkSoftDrink’s imprint in its smoother version. The second track ‘Vondeklöties’ covers the B face with an electronic journey, true to the mood found in ‘Dedicated to Uwe’. 

Frankfurt duo Cedric & Felix are getting more and more active on the scene for a few years now. They’ve been hosting special events around and invited some of the biggest when it comes to minimal, Nicolas Lutz, Ricardo Villalobos, ZIP, and Francesco Del Garda to name a few, they all came behind HardWorkSoftDrink’s turntables. More than an event collective, the crew also runs a record label for different kinds of music of the electronic. Host for their own productions, it also featured artists like Oskar Offerman, Luca Piermattei, and Roman Flügel. 

You can grab a copy of Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg’s Dedicated to Uwe EP at

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