Robert Johnson celebrates 20th birthday with two epic parties

There is little denying the importance of Offenbach club Robert Johnson and its record label Live at Robert Johnson.

The small but perfectly formed electronic institution has been ground zero for counter culture in central Germany for some time now and it may be hard to believe, but the club in its original format will be turning 20 years old this month. It is so revered that Ricardo Villalobos, the RPR Soundsystem trio and countless influential record labels all have residencies there. To celebrate RJ will be throwing open its doors at 10pm on Friday, June 28th and they won’t be closing those doors or turning off their pristine sound system until the next month, or Monday morning on July 1st.

As you might expect to keep the club fuelled with top notch music they will need a lot of artists on board. Keep up at the back as there are a few names to cover – Cedric Dekowski, Francesco Del Garda, Max Vaahs, Nicolas Lutz, Vera, Roman Flügel, Antwork, Ata, Avalon Emerson, Aziesch, BWL, Darrin Wiener, Dixon, Dj NEEWT, DJ Slyngshot, Donna LeakeFranziska Berns, Gerd Janson, Job Jobse, John Talabot, Kilian Paterson, Lauer, Magico, Massimiliano Pagliara, Max Best, Oliver Hafenbauer, Orson Wells, Paramida, Prins Thomas, Public PossessionSecretsundaze, Thomas Hammann, Tom Bugs,  and Zozo.
Phew, that was a mouthful.

What makes this party all the more special is that there will be no pre-sale tickets available, only on the door. So, only the most passionate of clubbers need apply.

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If you don’t get the chance to hop across to Offenbach the RJ team will be continuing their birthday celebrations the following weekend at favourite Berlin haunt ELSE on Sunday, July 7th. This time around they will be calling to action a select team of artists in the shape of Ata, Roman Flügel, Oliver Hafenbauer, Lauer, Chinaski / S-F-X, Orson Wells B2B 41ISSA, Dj NEEWT + Kilian Paterson.

Equally as essential for die-hard RJ followers.

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