HardWorkSoftDrink return to Robert Jonhson for their annual Christmas party

Robert Johnson in Offenbach is a special place to spend a night (and morning) dancing to some of the world’s best DJ’s but HardWorkSoftDrink annual Boxing Day bash is a truly unique time to be in the venue. Reprising his longstanding return booking at Robert Johnson for the 4th year in a row is selector extraordinaire Francesco Del Garda. Since the Offenbach label started its Boxing Day event at the club back in 2014 the only constant has been the grinning London based artist.

This year however Del Garda will be joined on Thursday, December 26th by Cedric Dekowski (live), Thilo Dietrich, and Felix Reifenberg and in their own words Dekowski and Reifenberg explain the vibe at their annual party, “We do (this) every year two days after Christmas at our home club, Robert Johnson. It’s a party for our friends and family where the atmosphere is always something really special and the girls and boys are going wild.”

To give you an idea of what to expect at this special party here is a cut from Cedric & Felix’s set from last year’s event.

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