HardWorkSoftDrink showcase at Robert Johnson was an apocalyptic electro adventure

    Eager anticipation filled the room shortly after the opening at Robert Johnson. Thilo Dietrich & Max Vaahs warmed up with bold selections reminiscent of much of the labels output, before handing over to the Turkish mastermind Onur Özer.

    Taking the reins shortly after 4am, Özer’s first movements orchestrated an ineffable energy into the room. Slick handling of the Rane rotary jolted a sharp, ferocious techno cut into the mix.

    Within minutes of Özer’s arrival, a noticeable cognizance was evident in the crowd. Patient shifts in tempo distanced the tone from Max Vaah’s playful warm up set, casting a cataclysmic spell through the pristine Martin Audio system.

    Careful yet confident mixes shifted through an array of the wizard’s tastes during the four hours. Many of the selections carried a chaotic, conversational dynamic. Layers of otherworldly bleeps surfaced in call and response like unison, pinned beneath a blend of fierce 4/4 rhythms.

    Meticulous consideration of element placement within the tracks stuck a perfect balance between mayhem and intellect. The post apocalyptic electro sound, familiar with his more recent productions, is the closest fit to narrating the sound of Onur Özer.

    Wrapping up at around 8am, a full, appreciative dance floor rallied in admiration of a true masterclass, in an institution for electronic music.

    Catch Onur Özer at Cartulis’ ninth birthday celebration at FOLD London on 17.11.2018

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