Premiere: 5 – Retrolog – Outer Space [OTD002]

Parisian crew Outdom Records have been rapidly carving out a much sought after space for themselves in and around the French capital’s top nightspots. Of course, their events have paved the way for the crew to really push their sound, but it is their labels that have given Outdom the 360 experience to present to the world. For their next digital release they have collated together six of their nearest and dearest on “Virtual Tools Vol 1” and we will be taking a look at the whole shooting match.

Starting out with our premiere today we have co-founder of Outdom setup is Retrolog and peak time addition to the VA “Outer Space”. As the release notes points out, this track is explosive from the outset and the flurry of smart drops ramps up the energy levels from the beginning. A menacing acid bassline eludes that this is no filler track and drum fills further enhance its intention. The delayed riddim loops are a nice touch when building up the vibe of the track, as are the vocoded vocal snips and synth stabs.

Heading back to the top of the release, American artist Titino offers his detuned electro monster “Melt Me”. It is a true skill to produce a severely detuned track but still keep the flow and musicality intact. This is further added to by the spooky pads and various SFX, bleeps and bloops. Next comes Argentinian JUAAN and on a similar tip his take on the electro house sound strips things back and keeps the bassline simple while letting the heavy hitting breaks do the heavy lifting here.

Fellow Outdom founder Latent is next and his track “Robot’s Chinwag” steps up the levels considerably. Staying true to the track title the acid bassline filters in such a way as if to chat along to the track and with the ravey stabs heralding the switch up from break motif to a thunderous 4/4 beat. Injecting more funk and soul that previous tracks is Georgian BEQA and his melding of sounds produces a more upbeat, carefree vision that the previous, business orientated bangers. Rounding out the VA in a powerful way is Venetia and the menacing synths tweak and filter in a most pleasing way that brings proceedings to an end with a satisfying thump.

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