Premiere: 4. Traumer – Sonic [GETDGTL001]

For some time, Paris based artist Romain Reynaud aka Traumer has been pumping out some of minimal’s grooviest bombs. Through his own gettraum imprint and specifically the Gettraum Hors Series tracks such as Traumer’s Marlena Shaw edit “Gonna Get” made the series unmissable. For the first time, some of the fabled GHS releases have now been officially available on digital platform Bandcamp.

This is obviously great news for those out there that slept on the first couple of releases as the L’ESSENTIEL release looks to give a second look at some of the series’ biggest tracks. On the digital-only release is the before mentioned ‘Gonna Get’ but in dub version, ‘Exercise’ and ‘Orgorama’ but it is the new bonus track ‘Sonic’ that we will be laying bare in full.

With Traumer’s favored percussive swing being a staple feature of his GETTRAUM releases and most other work for that matter the Frenchman combines this and his unwavering stare at the dancefloor on ‘Sonic’. The deep bounding acidic bassline is present from start to finish so you know he means business from the off. The drum programming is also relatively straightforward with just a few slight variations so to keep the focus on the groove intact. The wiggly synth line that works its way through the track tips more than a cap to the huge warehouses that both inspired the track and point to where ‘Sonic’ will work best.

Make no mistake ‘Sonic’ is no filler track as the depth of the bassline is not for the faint-hearted and reversed kicks and snappy hats and snare combination will blow away even the most jaded dancefloor. Upon first listen the track may seem fairly basic, but once you start homing in on each element new layers become visible, so a once deemed functional track now becomes a rather more complex beast.

This track is yet again another example of Traumers’ inane ability to craft a catchy groove and have the skill to keep it there for the duration of the track. If you haven’t already make sure you seek out the rest of the Hors Serie if you are lucky enough to find it on vinyl.

You can grab ‘Sonic’ and the rest of the digital album via Bandcamp.

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