Premiere: B1 – Christopher Ledger & Luigi Ranghino’s Trio – Cielo Intonato (Ion Ludwig Remix)

Christopher Ledger’s new platform, ‘CL series” comes as the result of long personal research and introspection within the sonic and visual worlds.

With personal frustrations arising from the similarities in the sounds he was producing in the studio, Christopher turned to his long-loved practices of drawing and painting to find new inspiration. He started to do so while listening to his favourite records. “I began to ask myself – why shouldn’t I draw the sounds I’d like to hear instead of just representing something that already exists?” says Ledger. “The audible and visual worlds are obviously complementary and it’s not coincidental that the terminologies for both art forms overlap.”

Ledger’s debut outing on CL Series sees him reach for a sound palette which draws just as much from the ambient and experimental music world as it does from visual arts. The three cuts that constitute ‘Cielo Intonato’ are three extracts from a jam with Luigi Ranghino’s Trio.

Ranghino is a regular studio collaborator of Max Loderbauer who has also performed live with the Ambiq trio featuring Ricardo Villalobos. Highlighting the interplay with its visual pendant, Ledger and the trio deliver elegant and masterful performances, all in shimmering drums, delicate keys and expressive woodwinds.

Trommel has the premiere of the slow-burning edit by Ion Ludwig. Listen to the full-length track below and purchase your copy on DeeJay, Juno or Yoyaku.

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