Premiere: B2 – Lisière Collectif  – C – 2904 – 17 (SIT Remix) [LSR003]

Minimal music has more emerging artists than stars in the sky and when you think of Romanian trio’s you might think of RPR Soundsystem, Amorf or Premiesku? There is a third collective that has been steadily been releasing their own brand of cerebral minimalism and that trio is Lisière Collectif. Comprising of members Bogdan Ardeleanu, Dan Gheorghe and Andu Simion who all grew up together just outside Bucharest and given the amount of time they have spent together the cohesiveness of their productions is hardly surprising.

The cohesiveness of Lisiere Collectif goes even deeper than the sound and group members’ joint history as even the way in which they name their tracks is a continuous journey that evolves and allows them to retrace their steps to a specific point in time. So, for their upcoming release on LSR Romania, the group have reworked a project that began life in 2017, in particular, mid to late April. Having spoken with Andu Simion of Lisiere Collectif he has kindly explained that the middle 4 numbers in their track titles represent the date the track was finished and the last 2 are the year of the finished track, the letter prefix is the track order. This is an incredibly insightful and honest way of producing and releasing music considering the secrecy of some genres.

So, for the groups’ third release on their own LSR imprint will see a pair of lush breakbeat rollers taking place on A1 and B1, but it is the huge reworking of C – 2904 – 17 on B2 that is the main topic of conversation today. Taking a smooth breakbeat track like the original and turning it into a brooding yet shimmering monster of a track is not an easy task but one that Romanian duo SIT have accomplished in spades. Rattling hats pair off against tightly wound snares, 4/4 kicks and reversed drums to whip this particular trip along without many complications or too much deviation.

It is only when deconstructing each section of this remix that it reveals layer upon layer of strands of intricately deep bass tones and finely constructed synth work with each working in unison with the other that the full beauty of this track is understood. The beautiful atmospherics and falling sound FX are more than enough on their own to hook you in and keep you there for the remainder of the track. There is little doubt, this flip will be getting rolled out by all the big guns including Raresh and Praslea who have already been spotted road-testing it. It is an absolute certainty that this remix will be just as devastating in the middle of the night as it will be in the daylight, Vlad Caia and Cristi Cons have knocked it out of the park with this reworking.

To get your hands on this unreal piece of wax head over to,, Phonica Records, or Technique Tokyo

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