Premiere: B2 – Alsi – Down [ELMTS001]

Romanian duo Alsi shape the first release of Afterhours‘ new sublabel Elements.

Four tracks make up the ‘Ritmatico’ EP, marking the collectives venture into the more tripped out, psychedelic realms of club music.

The Scotland based outfit has been a taste maker within the UK’s minimalist market, with almost 100 podcasts strapped to their series, the crew now turn back to the vinyl market. RQZ and Vid provided the first two sold-out releases on the parent label Afterhours, tapping into the rich culture and endless flow coming out of Romania.

‘Down’ is the most pensive pick from the record, working slippery acoustic rhythms around vast, alluring textures casting a captivating vibe from the off. The contrast between live-sounding, acoustic percussion lapping up against otherworldly, sphinxlike textures makes for a gripping listen.

Sections grow patiently alongside a seductive vocal narrating cryptic internal dialogue perfect for the vibe of the track. The energy lands somewhere between ominous and peculiar territories, whilst maintaining a sultry, seductive vibe common with much of the minimalist works.

Subtle hi-hat changes occasionally re-enforce the groove throughout the eight minute arrangement, allowing for the mood of each sound to do the talking. Groany, thought-provoking frequencies creep into the mix, similar to the strain of psychedelics pushed by the likes of Rhadoo and Mihigh, treading deep into revealing, deep ends of the spectrum.

‘Ritmatico’ brings a more energetic, heavily swung cut to the title track’s A1. Sleazy hi hats linger with a loose, carefree vibe, whilst leaning towards the more introverted, pensive atmospheres. Clean stab sounds stutter over the mix, whilst neat, crisp percussion leads the way.

‘Function’ brings a sense of urgency to the records B-side. Eloquent 909 rhythms slip between a trippy bassline and similar, grumbling atmospheres hungry to light up a club system.

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