Premiere: B2 – Alexis Cabrera – Ex #7 [Y-1]

Having brought you details of Ben Balance’s involvement in the brand new Chinese label Yaji a few weeks ago, Trommel is now extremely excited to bring the premiere and first full listen of Alexis Cabrera’s “Things As When We Started” EP and arguably its highlight.

Of course, there are many highlights to be found within the high-energy electro breakbeats of Yaji first issue, but I am sure you will agree that the gem that is “Ex #7” on B2 is especially well crafted.

Heading straight to B2 may seem like a strange thing to do when checking out a new release, but once you drop the needle on the record you will hear what all the fuss is about. In a similar vein to the remainder of the EP, “Ex #7” utilises a smattering of 80’s retro synthesizers but reconceptualised for the modern dancefloor. With upfront rim shots keeping time on the groove, an uplifting padded bassline and electro synth-lines give the track a special kind of energy that will be sure to elevate most dancefloors with ease.

Built for the early morning hours and with huge cross-genre potential, there is no doubt in our mind that Yaji will continue to go from strength to strength in their quest to bring Eastern underground electronic music to a wider, more Western audience and in the process, strengthen the name of their own scenes. The lo-fi bleeps also further push the EP into future retro territory but with the addition of some smart drum programming and lush production mean that there is not too much reminiscing as this EP is as fresh and up to date as they come.

This sterling release will be available from Thursday, February 14th, you can also join the waiting list Yoyaku, and Phonica.

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