Premiere: B1 – Muelsa – No Joke (G-Knews Mix) [SEXTAPE002]

If looking at the headline made you think that Trommel switched to something illegal – relaaaaax. It’s just the name of the label – Sex Tapes From Mars, not a big deal. The label is having its second release and all the lights are on Muelsa. You may know him as a part of the blooming French scene, with landings on labels like Forest Ill Records. He also landed on the first release of STFM, as a part of VA with Nemo Vachez and Hubz. Let’s check what he prepared for today. As I’ve been told, “the whole release was made in the West of France”, not in Paris, Muelsa’s usual place to be. Let’s go.

Our track today is opening the B-side here. Signature spacey opening and, even the track name is “No Joke”, we are promised some “joke” just after its opening. After that we can hear some blasts from the past, because, as Muelsa told me, “with his hip hop influences, he decided to deliver a dancefloor-oriented house bomb cooked with hoody vocals”. I will let you find out by yourself, who’s hiding behind those vocals, but it should be easy if you heard at least one gangsta rap track in the 00s. Weird but groovy melody is our companion all the time here, by the way.

“Across The Pampa”, which is opening the A-side is also a very groovy piece here. Not too energetic, not too slow, not too boring, not too euphoric. Just right. “Wild Nights”, its a-side neighbor, is a good stomper with a bit of unexpected chords in the middle. And “Pretty Little Monsters” takes us into some videogame OST territory again. Still can’t get enough of pieces like that, to be honest. If they’re built properly. Like this one.

So, the pre-sale has already started. Go to Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re getting your wax.

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