Premiere: B1 – Mennie – Noha [HOARD025]

Hoarder, the label of iO (Mulen)’s empire, that is having the best time lately, is ready with their next, twenty-fifth release. Those are some numbers, right? And this time, Mennie, one of my favorite names lately, was picked. Already sounds good. And that’s before you’ve even heard the track!

“Noha”, the opener of the B-side, is one of my favorite types of tracks. Because of the melody. I’m craving the good melodies much more than the percussions and here we’re having an almost perfect one. The track starts with that broken solo, then you hear the percussion, that is building up slowly, then the melody starts and will be with you until the end of the track. Just listen to this beauty!

Another one with a bit of broken vibes inside, also on the B-side, is “The Lost Tape”. Kinda the same energy, but also a few very interesting samples inside. “Tuncha” on the A-side opening duties leans into some house side more. But with the bigroom festival vibes, as I usually say – perfect for some forest venues. And the last one in the review, “Want You Print” finishes everything with the best drums on the record (the melodies are also on that same high level).

Hoarder is feeding us with very nice bangers lately and here is another proof. If you think so too – Juno, Deejay, Decks are already waiting for you.

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