Premiere: B1 – Furz – Take Out [HOARD023]

Time flies fast and we’re having the twenty-third release of iO (Mulen)’s Hoarder label. Really nice to see, how the label has grown over the years, must say. I can definitely say, that the sound got more powerful than it was at the beginning of it. At least I can’t say that it was possible to hear SUCH bangers from Argentinian Furz (you can hear the name also from Cuartero Concept and Distrakt Audio discographies) at the start of Hoarder’s story. Anyway…

Today we’re having “Take Out”. The track, I loved from the first second of its clip. Why? Easy – it reminds me of two of my most loved tracks of 2022 and 2021. At first – a HUGE nod into Man/ipulate’s “Eternity”, especially into the version of Alex Kassian. The second one – is not THAT huge – but the sample “let’s get this thing off the ground” I know mainly from Sally C’s “Let’s Get This” track lately (still, the sample has a larger history of use). Can’t say, how many times these two were played during the last years, so, for me this “blend” is an automatic win. Also, that’s just a chunky, bouncy track, that should turn any house party into some sort of rave, no matter what was played before it.

Speaking of turning something into mayhem… The record’s opener here is called “Intergalactic Conexion” and it’s easy to say, why iO (Mulen) decided to pick this one for his label. Very “iomulenish” track, if we’re talking about these last years. Delicate, but still a ravey mood. The same mood, we’re also having in “Better Get Ready” (on the whole record, to be honest). Something to put the hands of the crowd in front of you in the air. I must say, I didn’t like the last one here after listening to the clip of “Double Funk”. But the whole track does its job very well. Another bouncy, antiminimalistic track, that could be considered as a tool (but, in that case, I’m afraid of your “bangers” category).

I think, some of the deejays will play the record in full. Hope, not in one set, haha. It’s already hit the pre-sale sections at Deejay, Decks, hhv and other good record shops. Grab it as you can.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the combination of colors on this one. Lovely, right?

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