Premiere: A2 – Cosenza – Melted Butter [HOARD021]

From the whole range of labels run by iO (Mulen) (remember, there’s ten of them) we didn’t touch Hoarder so far. It’s time to crack this ice with today’s review of its 21st installment, made by Cosenza. But first, a little introduction and reminding by iO (Mulen): “Please, do not associate this sound with minimal – for me, it is a melodic house. Great melody for this label is a must, with all these leading basses and pads (beats could be minimalistic, yes, but still!). Also, this is a label for other people, not me. That differentiation was made on purpose.”

So, Cosenza. Representing Argentina, with previous landings on such places like Politics Of Dancing, Djebali, Hedzup, YOI, being part of the last Musica Lunar compilation – you, probably, can already understand the type of music here – and you’ll be right with only one remark – it seems, that this one is his best work, so far.

Let’s start with the main dish – “Melted Butter”. “You can’t spoil the porridge with melted butter”, we say in Ukraine often. You can spoil the release with tracks like this also. Solid, melodic roller, that will make you dance in that easy mode, that minimal used to do with us all those years, but forgot in the recent ones. Catchy melody, perfect percussion, can’t find anything I don’t like here – which makes it easily the fav track of the release.

Its neighbors are not really worse than this one. “Future Salad” on A1 position sets the tone to the whole release with sound, that could be easily associated with – I don’t know – let’s say DJOKO. And being associated with the most euphoric person on the scene can’t be a bad thing, right? B-side opens with the stripped down main room peaktime track (yes, I wrote that on purpose) “Get Dawn”. And we’re having a very fast closer of the record at “Between The Line”, again with some euphoric pads and a piece of everything, we spoke above. All in all – we have 4 straight bangers. What could be better for the vinyl-only label?

Zero reasons to miss it, in my opinion. So, you know – Juno, Deejay, Decks or anywhere you could track and catch this beauty.

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