Premiere: B1 – Francesco Farfa – Laser Beam (Alex Neri Remix) [ATC006]

Don’t even know what we have been doing without Air Trance Communication all these years. After its resurrection the label just keeps delivering bombs. Again we can see the name Francesco Farfa there, also – with two great additions as remixers.

We just had the pleasure to host Alex Neri with a part of his versatile solo EP, now we’re looking into his remixing abilities. What we have here – signature percussion straight outta tribalistic 90s, some cathedral melodies… also from the 90s, maybe, the trancey part of those? Some sneaky background chants, that are making this track a bit bigroomier, then it is. And just a touch of that acidic bubbling in the middle. Perfect components for some serious dancefloor destruction.

As I said, there are two remixers on the record. Another one – is another great, I think, I can say the word “legend” here. Also from Italy, and goes under the name of Miki. And if you’re agreeing with me on that “legend” part here – you, probably, know what to expect here. Much gloomier, very raw edit, that is balancing between techno and trance territory, but not going on any of them in full.

The original version of “Laser Beam” is taking a piece from every remix – I know, that’s not an option, but if it becoones the last one out of these three in your playlist – you’ll understand. Not as raw as Miki’s edit, not as bright as Alex’s. Easily imaginable to hear in some FF/FDG b2b, probably, was used many times.

The record is ready to fill the empty space in your bag, so if you liked everything I said about those tracks – run to Viniil, Juno, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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