Premiere: B2 – Alex Neri – The Perfect Drop [WFR002MX]

Alex Neri. The Mogul. The Mammoth. The Man. It’s impossible to not admire him, especially looking at the fact, that he’s been producing music for almost as long as I’m just living in this world. And not just producing, but doing it on a great level. Especially in his newest era, after 2014. In this one, he’s doing his comeback to Wildflower Records (first landed there in 1995) with the second part of their MX series, which has 4 equally majestic tunes.

We’re having the last one on the record tonight, called “The Perfect Drop”. You can forget about some outro time or whatever you’re used to hearing on the B2 position. This track could easily be the A1. I think, I’m using the word “tool” too much – but this is a tool. Strong percussion build-up at the beginning, then – a pinch of melodic part, then – an all-together mix with a little drop and a comeback. Could easily be imagined as a part of some Slow Life compilation. Or a Wildflower one.

What else? Starting with “Glory Ensemble”, so dreamy, partly progressive… I don’t know if it’s too cheesy to say “italo” here, but the influences of mid-90s house music, made in Italy, are clearly felt here. Why wouldn’t they be, right? “Lost In Paradise” is continuing our parade of modern retro feelings, being just slightly more aggressive, than A1. We were talking about “tools” before, right? Well, check “The Myth Of Tech” and try to pick some other word there.

Gosh, any of those tracks would sound indescribably well in some forest. Let’s conserve it for the next summer, what do you think?

But before the conservation, you have to have the tracks, right? So run to your tab with Juno, Deejay, HHV or any other record shop for grabbing this beauty. It shouldn’t be there for a long time, it seems.

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