Premiere: B1 – Bruno Pronsato – Part 2 [LOG72LP]

Bruno Pronsato complies double EP entirely from a recording of a live set at Contact Tokyo, alongside Fumiya Tanaka.

The Perlon associate shares an insight into the club side of his sound, merging familiar avant-garde elegance with slippery 4/4 rhythms in a rare club extract, as well as reviving the legendary Logistic Records from a seven-year hiatus.

Premiered track ‘Part 2’ stretches out over a 15-minute duration, crafting a bed of tripping textures, patiently awaiting the arrival of Pronsato’s angelic vocals.

Liquid-like melodies coast between clever, dance-friendly drum loops dripping with intricacy. Often morphing into one another, elements become difficult to define within a hypnotic spell of blips and plucks, before welcoming an idyllic chord sequence lathering the track with warmth.

Pronsato’s graceful and exquisite approach to sound design is unique and innovative. Combining experimental electronica with dance floor motives produces a mesmeric and moreish listen.

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