Premiere: A1 – Half Hawaii – Watch the Flash [FM017]

Sammy Dee and Bruno Pronsato join forces under their Half Hawaii moniker in this tranquil trip.

After a six-year hiatus following the release of their ‘All Over’ EP on Perlon back in 2013, the duo resume the project for Ben Freeney’s Foom label, the home to two of Pronsato’s full-length studio albums.

Sheer class seeps throughout the entire arrangement in Watch The Flash.

Pronsato’s soft, haunting vocals soak the mix with a David Bowie-esque regal charm, caressing a palatial chord sequence and spearheading a spellbinding sea of harmonies.

A rigid bassline pins the loop, slowly building beneath psychedelic vocal samples, gentle percussion work unravels delicate yet stunning melodies, remnant of a blissful, pensive state.

Wrapping up in six minutes of meditative glory, the prolific Half Hawaii pairing hit a deep spot in this shamanic slice of downtempo.

Buy the record at Bandcamp and Juno.

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